Welcome to the Alaska Ministry Network Kid’s Website

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About BGMC

What is BGMC?  
BGMC is the mission’s program for kids in the Assemblies of God.  It provides resources for the church to help kids learn about missions and missionaries around the world.  It helps support our missionaries in their fields of ministry in the US and around the world.

What does BGMC do?
The funds from BGMC assist our missionaries in getting supplies they need to reach and teach the people in their assigned country.  BGMC funds go to where the need is the greatest and where the timing is the most urgent.

Kids need BGMC!
BGMC teaches kids to give to missions at an early age.  It helps them to have compassion for people around the world.  It also places the Great Commission into their worldview.  Kids love to respond to Jesus and minister to the needs of others.

Where do BGMC offerings come from?
*Kids giving monthly in Buddy Barrels
*Kid’s Camp Yearly Projects
*Parents and other adults receiving special offerings

What do BGMC funds supply?
Our missionaries can use the BGMC fund for any ministry need they have.  Some of the things our missionaries purchase are:  Bibles, literature, tracts, sound systems, computers, copiers, tents, medical equipment, puppets, curriculum and a whole lot more!

Where should BGMC funds be sent?
Send offerings collected to the General Council of the Assemblies of God, 1445 Boonville Avenue, Springfield, MO  65802.  Please designate them BGMC.  All funds should be sent in for 2013 by December.  In order to receive giving credit for your church they must be postmarked by December 31st.

                In 2012 the kids of Alaska gave $39,668.33.  Our goal for 2013 is $50,000!!!!!

To find out more about BGMC and to order resources, visit the BGMC website at bgmc.ag.org.   Kids can visit bgmckids.ag.org for games, true mission’s stories and more!